Maid of Honor: Alexis Amato

Alexis and I have been friends since middle school and some of my earliest memories with her are from our Pop Warner cheerleading days and Airbands! From high school dances, concerts (We’ve been to at least 16 together.), trips to Cancun, Arizona, and Vegas, fun times visiting each other during our college years and everything in between, we certainly share an extensive list of irreplaceable memories through the years which I wouldn’t trade for anything! We’re basically like sisters and have had our fair share of crazy fun, laughter, and heartfelt moments. She is always at the ready to visit a museum, try out a new restaurant, or see a Broadway show with me. Alexis has exotic good looks, is personable, and has one of the biggest hearts which I admire greatly.

Alexis is a family oriented East Coast girl from Connecticut. She holds a B.S. in Business Entertainment and Tourism from Cal State Fullerton. Alexis formerly played the lead role of Maria, in Joey and Maria’s Wedding for Dillstar Productions. Alexis aspires to own and operate her own restaurant/bar, or fitness studio someday. She loves Zumba, yoga, hiking, snorkeling, musical theatre, and traveling. You can currently catch her teaching Zumba classes at 24 Hr. Fitness in San Diego.

“Compatibility is rare and when I see Tiff and Erik together, I truly believe their love is genuine and fortunate. Cherish this forever, you both deserve it! Love you guys”!            -Alexis-

Matron of Honor: Courtney Snow

Courtney and I have been inseparable since middle school and some of my earliest memories with her are from our Pop Warner Cheerleading days, simply talking hours on end on the phone, walking to each other’s houses to hang out at the pool, or build a teepee LOL! We’ve luckily always lived near each other growing up. We share an unbreakable bond and similar sense of humor and haven’t ceased cracking each other up to this day. I know I can always count on her for a day in the sun, or to meet me at China Wokery! Courtney is a natural beauty, loyal, and considerate.

Courtney holds a B.A. in Child and Family Development specializing in Family from San Diego State University. She spends her time raising her two beautiful daughters Jaelin, 5 and Payton, 1 with her loving husband, Chris. Courtney is a phenomenal mother and both her little ones are as sweet as can be! In the near future, she hopes to expand her family with perhaps, a boy ;) and travel some with her hubby.

“Tiffany and Erik, I am so happy you have found happiness with each other and wish you many years of joy….oh, and of course lots of children”!!! -Courtney-

Bridesmaid: Lisa Calusinski

Lisa has been fabulous since day one that I met her. I couldn’t be luckier to have her as one of my future sister-in-laws! I’ve enjoyed all her visits to San Diego throughout the years and the time I got to spend with Lisa and her amazing family during my visit to Chicago last summer has become one of my fondest memories. I know I can always call her to talk high fashion and I’m fully confident she can out shop anyone I know haha! Lisa always looks like a million bucks, exudes class, grace, and a nurturing nature.

Lisa lives in Geneva, Illinois with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and three incredibly well behaved children. She loves the thrill of a great deal which has led to her current obsession of “Extreme Couponing”. Lisa also loves to exercise with her favorite workout being TurboKick, a high intensity kick boxing class. In addition, Lisa enjoys the art of Ebay! Clothes, Shoes, and Handbags…she sells it all!

“To my brother: You picked an amazing woman to be your wife. To Tiffany: I am so excited to have you as my sister-in-law. To both of you: All the love and best wishes on the next step of your lives”! -Lisa-

Bridesmaid: Jasmine Kung

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jasmine my entire life as we are cousins! There are an infinite amount of awesome memories I have with her, but one which sticks out at the moment is when we were playing “hairdresser” as children and I cut her hair for real! Haha! Sorry about that Jazz! Thanks for forgiving me ;)! As I peruse my mind for other stand-out moments, there really are just too many to recount. From all the holiday get-togethers, to family trips to Big Bear, Hawaii, and Eastern Europe, trapezing together for the first time, conquering the Mud Run, and just reading magazines side by side and circling everything we wanted on each page while dishing “girl talk” has been priceless. I turn to Jasmine whenever I want to do anything active and adventurous. With her height and endlessly long shiny black hair, Jasmine is a stunner, along with extremely friendly, and ambitious.

Jasmine is a native San Diegan and has been in real estate since 1999. Jasmine graduated from USC with a B.S. in Business Administration. She spends her spare time with her puppy, Butter Squishy-face, fantasizing about her next adventure, and figuring out how to explain that adventure to her parents. Jasmine appeared on the Discovery Channel series, The Alaska Experiment in 2007 and has survived to tell her tale. She is currently training to swim Alcatraz this summer and hoping to be one of the first 100 groups to ever relay swim the 22 mile Catalina Channel. Jasmine hopes to climb Mt. Rainer and Denali in 2013.

“I would like to wish Tiffany and Erik a lifetime of happiness. It’s a big world and I’m so happy you found each other”! -Jasmine-

Bridesmaid: Amy Apodaca

Amy and I met as Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters back in College and had the privilege of living together for five years! We honestly must have thousands of hours in conversations logged since I met her! Amy and I can chat about anything and everything until the end of time with no breaks! It’s pretty amazing ;)! Some of the fondest memories I have with Amy that I can recall involve Halloween, girls nights downtown, Vegas trips, decorating for the holidays, and over the top birthday celebrations! Ha! I can without fail rely on Amy for anything artsy, to be the perfect shopping partner, and of course, pure overall FUN as her sunny outlook and gorgeous smile are contagious! Amy is an exquisite beauty, sincerely warmhearted, and driven.

Amy happily resides in beautiful Carlsbad. She graduated from Cal State University San Marcos with a B.A. in Communication and currently works as the Marketing Coordinator for the legal marketing company, EJustice. In addition, she is a frequent blogger, designer of her own website, and social media butterfly with writing being her forté. Amy enjoys anything that makes her laugh, Pinterest, being fashion forward, and the gym. She spends her spare time with her cherished best friends, family, and wonderful boyfriend Mike, whom she loves adventuring to new sights with. Amy hopes to be the proud mother of a French bulldog someday and above all, her motto is to embrace each day with a smile.

“I would like to wish Tiffany and Erik a joyful marriage filled with complete happiness! As you both set sail on your ship of dreams, may this be just the beginning of your beautiful adventure together”! -Amy-

Bridesmaid: Carly McKelvey

Carly and I met back in college and were in the same sorority together. We spent the early years of our friendship hitting up the downtown scene, Jimmy O’s, Vegas, and basically everywhere in Carlsbad and Encinitas :) . These days, you can find us meeting up for afternoon tea (We LOVE our tea rooms!), or for happy hour at some of the finest restaurant establishments. Carly and I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii along with one of our best friends, Heather, immediately after graduation which was a trip of a lifetime! We visited the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Factory, Zip Lined for the first time together in Kauai, toured Volcanoes National Park, laid out and sipped cocktails on the beach in Maui, strolled up and down Waikiki, and clearly just had a wildly good time! Carly and I simply understand each other and often find one another on the same wave length haha! Carly is an absolute knockout, fun loving, and humble.

Carly is a North County San Diego native and currently resides in San Clemente with her amazing husband, Russell, whom she married on July 2, 2011 in a breathtakingly beautiful ceremony in Cabo San Lucas. They enjoy the married life and walking their baby, Kona, the Boston Terrier! Carly graduated from Cal State University San Marcos with a B.A. in Communication. She presently works as a legal assistant for a Litigation firm in Irvine. Her hobbies consist of: cardio dance workouts, spin, hot yoga, Dance Dance Revolution haha, traveling, dining, baking, cooking, and shopping. She can’t wait to embark on her journey to Italy and France in May with Russ and kiss the Eiffel Tower!

“To Tiffany and Erik: I am so happy and excited for you two to join your lives together and start your journey into married life!! You both treat each other with such warmness, respect, and love that is truly admirable. I just know you are going to have a beautiful life together! Love you both”!! -Carly-

Bridesmaid: Sara Cremidas

Sara and I lived together for 4 years upon graduating college. We had such a fun time living together and I’ll always be nostalgic looking back on those “golden” years. Sara and I have ran numerous 5K’s together including the Carlsbad 5000 and MCRD’s Bootcamp Challenge. We’ve also had tons of fun on snowboarding trips through the winters .She is the best workout buddy! Still, my ultimate favorite memory I share with Sara is when we attended the Los Angeles Twilight Eclipse premiere. It was definitely an experience unlike any other. That whole day just fell seamlessly in place. We’ll be Twi-hards forever ;)! I can always depend on Sara for a run on the beach, a hike, or to get Board and Brew Tacos and then frozen yogurt right after! Ha! Sara is a laid back, beautiful California girl, cultured, and hard working.

Sara hails from Los Angeles (West Hills area) and has been living in North County San Diego for the past 5 years. She currently works as the Advertising Manager at Patch. Sara earned a full swim scholarship to Cal State Northridge where she graduated with a B.A. in Kinesiology. Sara is a former lifeguard and was a competitive swimmer for 18 years. She was #1 in the state of CA in the NCAA DIV 1 for the 1650 (mile) and #2 in the nation in 2004. Although she doesn’t swim competitively anymore, she does participate in the annual La Jolla Rough Water Swim. In addition, she enjoys running 5K’s, 10K’s, and half marathons. Sara’s biggest passion is traveling the world. She is always ready to go somewhere at a moment’s notice.

“Tiffany and Erik, when I see you two together, I see an endless amount of love. I hope you two have an amazing adventure together”! -Sara-

Bridesmaid: Heather Hayek

Heather and I met at Cal State as we were in the same sorority together. We also had an unbelievable blast as roommates during college! Tons of great memories flood my mind as I think about our friendship through the years. All those times spent downtown (Red Circle shout out haha!) at On Broadway, Stingaree, and Sidebar were some of the best girls nights! Oh, and who could forget Vegas?! Heather and I have always been open and up for anything and have managed to find ourselves in the best of circumstances time after time. Everything from horseback riding in Julian, being chauffeured around in a Maybach and staying at the MGM Skylofts, various concerts, our grad trip to Hawaii where we island hopped aboard NCL’s Pride of Hawaii, Phantom of the Opera, and the list could seriously go on and on! Heather is the best person to go to when it comes to anything you need to know about designer fashion, or beauty products. She is like a walking Vogue magazine. Heather is a Chaldean goddess, adventurous, and strong minded.

Heather calls beautiful sunny San Diego home. She graduated from Cal State San Marcos with a B.A. in Communication and currently works as Louis Vuitton’s best asset. She is extremely close with her mom and twin brothers and holds family and friends dear to her heart. She is a thrill seeker, enjoys yoga, long walks, shopping, and sightseeing. She is also the proud mother of a very cute Pomeranian named Winston.

“Cheers to my little Liu and her Prince Charming! May your future together be filled with much love and success! As we say in Arabic, Mabrook”!!! -Heather-