Best Man: Peter (Petero) Groset

In west Chicago suburbs born and raised, playing with his brother Erik on hot summer days. Chillin out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool, and building winter snow forts while not in school. Peter graduated from Cal State San Marcos in 2005, and has been working as a software developer for a wireless company for the past 6 years. Spending most of his time away from the office playing golf and video games.

“Life is a marathon, find a good pace and don’t sweat the small stuff. Love you both!” -Peter-



Groomsman: Justin (Liu2k2) Liu

Justin was born in New York, but spent most of his childhood and currently lives in San Diego. He graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a B.S. in Marketing. Justin works with Erik at Zipbuds as a partner and Director of Sales & Marketing. In his spare time, Justin enjoys triathlons, snowboarding, golf, and rock climbing. He completed the Oceanside Ironman 70.3 in April, 2011. Above all else, Justin enjoys the time he spends with his friends participating in these activities. He plans on pursuing them for years to come.

“Congratulations to my loving sister and new brother-in-law! As my only sibling, Tiffany has been one of my best friends my whole life. I am so happy to know that she will be looked after by such a great man.” -Justin-

Groomsman: Rob (Rube) Defay

Erik and Robin have known each other since they were twelve years old. After battling through three different levels of schooling together, Robin combined forces with Erik to bring Zipbuds to the world. They’ve parlayed a successful friendship into a successful business partnership, both of which continue to grow with every passing day. Robin resides in lovely downtown San Diego with his exceptional girlfriend, Michelle.

Erik and Tiffany,
You two are the epitome of affinity…
Sharing a proclivity to amazing creativity…
Grow as one, as you’ve always done…
Together from now to infinity.

Groomsman: Bryan (Ace) Davis

Bryan was born and raised in San Diego. He actually attended preschool through college in the same town where the gang all met. He graduated from Cal State San Marcos in 2008 and currently works in sales for the Cintas Corporation. He believes life to be the greatest gift and refuses to waste a single moment. His unrested thirst for adventure has sent him to Pamplona to run with the bulls and he plans to hike Machu Picchu in the fall. A newly accomplished marathon runner, he also enjoys camping, playing the banjo, Charger football, and the occasional round of golf, if there’s time. His friends mean the world to him and he truly finds joy in watching them succeed and get everything they want out of life.

“To Erik and Tiffany- The way I see it you two have always been perfect for each other. Erik loves to make the news and Tiffany loves to report it. May you both live long, healthy and happy lives together. Was there ever any doubt that this day would come?” -Bryan-

Groomsman: Ryan (Lofty) Loughlin

Ryan or “Lofty” as many call him currently resides in San Luis Obispo, CA not far from where he grew up in the small town of Pismo Beach. He was raised in a family of small business owners and currently pays the bills as the head of a small healthcare information technology company. He’ll tell you that it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he has some of the best friends in the world in spite of himself. A majority of them he met throughout his college years at Cal State San Marcos where they majored in business. About 50% of the time when Lofty’s around things don’t go according to plan and the other 50% no one really remembers. Either way there’s a 100% chance he’ll be the one having a good time.

“The best thing about Erik and Tiffy is that she’ll never look her age and he’ll never act his age, but (all joking aside) they might be the some of the happiest people on planet earth. It seems as though every time I am around them, they continue to set the standard of what a great couple, a great friend, and a great person should be. I am truly honored to be in attendance on June 16th and may the best of their todays be the worst of their tomorrows.” -Loughlin-

Groomsman: Nick (Nickoli) Aralis

Nick is a Newport Beach resident and is employed as a Polymer Chemist developing medical devices. Nick graduated with a B.S. in Chemistry from Cal State San Marcos, and has aspirations of earning a PhD in Material Sciences. When he isn’t working, he spends his free time going on adventures with his girlfriend Britni, visiting his friends in San Diego, cycling as far as his legs will take him, and learning to swear at the engine he is slowly rebuilding.

“I’m lucky to call Erik and Tiffy my friends. They live and love in a way that commands admiration, and I am so inspired by their example. Congratulations!” -Nick-


Groomsman: Scott (Inz) Insley

Scott grew up in the same town as Erik, in Poway, California. They didn’t know each other too well until the common bond of hometowns brought them together in the first couple years of college. Scott is currently finishing up school at Cal State University San Marcos while working at Stone Brewing Co. He will graduate next year with a degree in Business with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship. Scott loves to play golf, snowboard, and hang out with his girlfriend Candice and their Siberian Husky Lakai.

“Erik always says that Tiffany has made him a better man. Erik has always been a good man, however with the love and support that you see between these two it is obvious they are positive forces in each other’s lives and will be for years to come. Congratulations to Erik and Tiffany!” -Scott-

Groomsman: Grant (Kevin) Martin

Grant Martin was born and raised in Orange County. After graduating high school he moved down to Oceanside with three of his best friends. He attended California State University San Marcos and graduated in the spring of 2008. Since college he has returned to school to become a firefighter.

“It’s not too often you find two people that are as perfect for each other as you two are. May your marriage be filled with the best of times”. -Grant Martin-