Our Story

We met at Cal State San Marcos through the Greek system. We were friends for about a year and a half before we actually started dating, despite always having a special affinity for one another. We both seemed to always know that we’d most likely end up dating at some point, but even we couldn’t foresee that our relationship would end up this blissfully. However, the more we got to know each other, the more we realized how many similarities we shared and how much respect we had for one another and therefore, very quickly became absolutely smitten.


The early years of our relationship were spent being typical College kids and attending all the sorority/fraternity events. We celebrated EVERY holiday it seemed. Any excuse to go to a party sounded like a great idea! We also had an abundance of fun dates. Whether it was going to Disneyland, a concert, The San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park,  the Circus, Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, Vegas, Mexico, museums, snowboarding trips, stand-up comedy shows, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Roast of Pamela Anderson, or simply just a night on the town to the movies, we knew how to have a great time being young and more, or less carefree! With all that being said, college was a blast and surprisingly, we both still managed to maintain our grades and stay involved with extra-curricular activities inside and outside of school.


As our relationship progressed, we have always been mindful of how good we have it. As with each passing year and as cheesy as it sounds, we just have grown closer and closer together and have fallen deeper and deeper in love on new levels. We make each other laugh so hard and have such a phenomenal time being with one another that we often stop to ask ourselves if it is even humanly possible to be any happier in a relationship. We know we are fortunate to have the kind of love we share. We hold our trusting, loving, healthy relationship close to our hearts. Erik has always been so thoughtful on holidays and anniversaries and has never skipped a beat in showering Tiffany with his affection. Whether it was publishing her a photo book, making her a canvas poster of all their favorite photographs, writing her the most genuinely heartfelt cards, or building her a puppy at Build-A-Bear Workshop, Erik never ceases to show his adoration. Tiffany also makes Erik feel equally special from her scrapbooks made especially for him, to always knowing exactly what he’d love to do on his birthday and holidays, introducing him to new destinations, to her sweet words in her cards.

We celebrate our 8th year anniversary on April 30th and since college, we’ve both put a strong emphasis on our careers and hope to grow further in them as time will allow. Tiffany has been working as a Reporter and Producer of local programming at Time Warner Cable since 2007. She reports on everything from offbeat activities, unique restaurants, movies and TV shows, to fun places to visit throughout Southern California.

Erik is the Co-Owner of Zipbuds®, a specialty consumer electronics audio company. Zipbuds has recently been awarded the Travel + Leisure Best Personal Gadget of 2012 award and has also been seen on ELLEN, in the New York Times, and on ABC’s World News to name a few. We’ve both been exceptionally supportive of one another regarding each other’s aspirations which have made our career paths a little easier to pursue.

Through the years as a couple, we’ve traveled to Hawaii, Haiti, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Florida, Chicago, and New York. We greatly look forward to our honeymoon in Italy, Greece, and Turkey and plan on making traveling one of our priorities in life with one another and with our future kids ;). Tiffany has voyaged to 23 countries thus far and hopes to visit at least 23 more in her lifetime. Erik has also visited several countries with his favorites being Germany, Norway, and China. We believe seeing and experiencing the world broadens horizons in the ideas of living and we yearn to live out one of our greatest passions as our lives will allow. We happily live together in Carlsbad, CA and can’t wait to see what else life has in store for us.

 The Proposal:

On their 7th year anniversary, Erik proposed to Tiffany. Erik planned a surprise weekend in celebration of their anniversary and Tiffany knew it was going to be a fun-filled weekend, but didn’t exactly prepare herself for the proposal of a lifetime! Erik blindfolded her as soon as they got into the car, but Tiffany felt claustrophobic and uneasy with it on and took it off 15 minutes into their car ride haha. After much driving, Erik pulled up to the St. Regis Monarch Beach hotel in Laguna and Tiffany was incredulously excited. She knew Erik always managed to impress her, but a place like THIS was truly something else.


Erik told her the first thing he had planned was brunch which Tiffany was happy about because she is a huge foodie and was really hungry at the time. However, Erik told her that their reservation wasn’t quite ready and suggested that they walk around the premises of the gorgeous resort and spa to kill time. Tiffany of course went along with the plans and they strolled around the place taking lots of pictures as Tiffany loves her pictures ;). Erik then suggested they head on over to the gardens. So, off they went in search of the gardens. Upon stepping into the gardens, Erik pointed out the gazebo off in the distance which looked to Tiffany like it was set-up for a wedding with rose petals and candles. She didn’t think twice about it and just replied, “Oh yes, I see it. Must be a wedding here later”…then she quickly took a sharp left into the garden and started stopping at every statue, reading every plaque, gazing and taking photos of flowers while Erik was trying very hard without being too conspicuous to rush her over to the gazebo as he’d only rented it out for an hour to propose to her. FINALLY, they had reached the gazebo and Erik insisted on having them take an even closer look at it, but Tiffany said, “Well, you know I can see it from here just fine” (Not wanting to intrude and potentially mess up anything for “that couple” getting married there later). She did then notice that the candles surrounding the gazebo spelled out “I Love You” which she thought was very cute, but STILL I think Tiffany’s mind was probably on when their brunch reservation was going to be ready because her stomach made her aware that she was still indeed hungry.

Erik proceeded to enter the Gazebo and take pictures of it all as Tiffany wondered why on earth he cared THIS much about someone else’s wedding set-up. She agreed that it looked very nice, but really LOL? He then started walking and stomping on all of the rose petals as Tiffany stared at him disbelievingly and then demanded that he stop doing that immediately because he was messing it all up for someone’s wedding! She was also very concerned that a staff member would see him and they’d get kicked out. Erik then calmly looked up and said, “Well, this is actually all for you” with a sly smile. Tiffany looked at him and replied, “Noo, it’s not. Stop kidding around and stop messing up the rose petals and get out of that area”! Erik repeatedly told Tiffany the extravagant set-up was for her and she just couldn’t fathom that it was. It wasn’t even until Erik popped open the bottle of champagne on the table inside the gazebo when Tiffany finally accepted that Erik really prepared this all for her. She knew very well at this point what was happening. She knew Erik would never open anyone else’s champagne, so it all became very real. Erik got down on one knee, pulled the ring box out of his armpit (Yes, he held it in his armpit the entire morning as he thought she’d be able to see the outline of it in any pocket) and spoke some sweet words about how he felt about her and then asked her to marry him. Exuberantly shaking with delight, Tiffany of course responded, “YES”!!! They then held each other close and kissed and just got lost in the moment. Erik then poured them each a glass of champagne and they relished their time in the gazebo. Tiffany NEVER in a MILLION YEARS expected her proposal from Erik to be that amazing. He BLEW HER AWAY and EXCEEDED ANY EXPECTATIONS she could ever have. It literally felt like a dream. It was beautiful beyond words and to top it all off, Erik had a hotel employee capture it all via photographs while hiding from a distance. After they finished that bottle of champagne, they finally went to brunch and as they say, the rest is history!!!